State of Mine Cover Art

State of Mine

Georgia-born, globally grown & now Florida-based producer KluSlim (Dizzy Records) said good-bye to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his home for 7 years, in his album, State of Mine, officially released 9/13/17. Stream it here (or buy it from my store:]):

Beat Bad

The king of pop lives on with KluSlim’s latest single. Paying tribute to one of the most classic voices of contemporary music while delivering relaxing beats that get the feet tapping and the body moving. The most popular artists in the electronic music breathe fresh life into past sounds that authentic audiences love. “Beat Bad”…

Billy Donuts – Xanax

Xanax is the newest single off of Billy Donuts upcoming mixtape The Hubris Demo. Self-described as “punk rap”, “Xanax” was created using Donuts’ 3×30 technique where he combines 3 instrumentals and spends 30 minutes composing the lyrics for each section. In the case of “Xanax”, this edgy track is a short musical ego trip reveals…

Robbing Jane – Girls

In the spring of 2013 I met Blake (Robbing Jane). When we began collaborating he was rapping under the name “Plane Jane,” but closer to the official launch of the project, we decided a name change to Robbing Jane better fit the artistic direction of the project. Over the course of a year I worked with…