Billy Donuts – Xanax

Xanax is the newest single off of Billy Donuts upcoming mixtape The Hubris Demo. Self-described as “punk rap”, “Xanax” was created using Donuts’ 3×30 technique where he combines 3 instrumentals and spends 30 minutes composing the lyrics for each section.

In the case of “Xanax”, this edgy track is a short musical ego trip reveals Billy’s Houston-based influences, brings voice to his inner conflict, pauses for a brief moment of introspection before returning to his roots. While there may be no actual mention of Xanax in song, this track is prescribed by your doctor.

The track starts abrasively as Billy Donuts demonstrates his explicit and boastful wordplay. After a short detour through Billy Donuts’ Houston roots, the song transitions into another beat produced by KluSlim. Here we find a more reflective Donuts who appears to be trying to reconcile inner turmoil, or at least understand it. The listener is pulled away from Donuts’ self-reflection as the Houston influenced hook surges back in at the end to reaffirm all the bravado displayed by Donuts in the first two parts.

“Xanax” is truly a song that spans the musical spectrum and takes the listener through a range of emotions. The transitions in both music and lyrical delivery make the song extremely dynamic and showcase Billy Donuts’ ability to handle any beat. By the end of the song you realize you’ve unknowingly been given a narrative that demands immediate replay.